Increase your turbo vehicle's response and efficiency

MAFBOX is a MAF emulator connected in parallel to the ECU, suitable for any MAF system-based turbo vehicle that uses an external type blow off valve to ensure maximum performance and efficiency during gear shifts.



  • Reduce unnecessary or excessive fuel consumption, especially in downhills with released throttle
  • Protect your engine from premature wear due to oil rinsing from the fuel, which happens especially in high-powered wrought-iron motors
  • Decrease catalyst poisoning - most of the time, exhaust fumes are intolerable due to uburnt fuel, regardless the use of catalyst
  • Avoid engine cut-off from fuel overflow especially in engines equipped with turbo valves over 40mm
  • Avoid engine cut-off and RPM drops during gear shifts
  • Avoid momentary engine cut-off during gear shifts
  • Protect engine lubricants
  • Keep engine idle stable
  • Eliminate constantly lit ESP/ASR dashboard indicators
  • 5 years warranty

Technical specifications


Powered by a fast processor
for high performance results

WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity allows wireless
setup and data-logging

Multi OS

Windows / Android / iOS enabled

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